A ‘Little’ History

When I was a little girl, my Grandma used to make pickles all the time.  My favourite was always her pickled carrots and she used to make extra just for me.  In recent years, I missed the pickled carrots and my Grandma could no longer do canning, so I thought I'd give it a try!  It turned out really well and not long after, I decided to expand my repertoire to include Dilly Beans and Pickled Beets.  My friends and family loved them and kept telling me that I should sell them, they were so good.  Taking their advice, I started selling them online through a Facebook market/yard sale site. In 2016, I decided to 'brand' my products, making labels and creating my own Facebook page, which gained some popularity and increased sales.  
A perfect little hobby!

In early 2017, I heard an advertisement on the radio that the City of Pembroke was running a Win This Space contest downtown, with a grand prize of six months free rent at one of the locations offered.  I thought it sounded pretty neat and decided I'd enter my business idea.  After being selected and going through the process, I presented my business idea 'Dragon's Den style' mid-May and won the contest!

Why the Little Things...

I’ve had two somewhat defining moments in the last couple of years that really impacted my outlook on my life.  

One was a simple conversation with my husband, where he gently pointed out to me that maybe I didn’t actually enjoy working for ANYONE.  Initially, this observation did not sit too well with me because I pride myself on being a ‘people person’.  And in hearing his words, I felt that he was implying I couldn’t get along well with others, when in reality – that wasn’t what he was saying at all. He was saying that my dreams and goals and happiness weren’t going to be satisfied while working for someone else. He was saying that achieving my happiness was only going to come from ME and following my dreams. At least… that’s what I’ve chosen to take from it.
The second moment came with an unexpected loss of someone in our family. Someone that was the same age as me, making me realize;
• Life is for living, not just surviving and going through the motions of every day to pay the bills. 
• I should be doing something that makes me happy.
• Doing whatever I can to make the quality of life for others better… even if it’s just by doing the ‘Little Things’ that make a difference.

At our house, at the dinner table after a long day when everyone is tired and getting edgy, I make a point of asking my kids “What was the best part of your day?” Hoping to remind them to notice the ‘Little Things’ that happen in their days that make them happy. Because we need to take that time to notice the little things in life that make us happy… the smell of fresh cut grass, your favourite cookie, birds chirping, a hug.
And that is what this is;
Little Things Canning Company is what makes me happy.  That is what makes my soul sing. I love to feed people.
It makes their hearts and bellies happy and you know what?  I am really, REALLY good at it.  
This is my passion.
THIS is what I want to do when I grow up.

~ Stacy ~